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Únete a nuestra fidelidad

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En Multicines Millennium lo tenemos claro; mimar a nuestros clientes más fieles. Por eso, nace nuestro Club Millennium! Un plan de fidelidad destinado a premiar a nuestros clientes más fieles.

We have already launched our loyalty plan. The philosophy is simple, the best for our best customers. Belonging to our loyalty plan you will have access to the best discounts, the best rewards and the best prices. In addition, you will have preferential access to previews and special sessions that we will schedule at Multicines Millennium. Obtaining the card is free, and the way to obtain it very simple: You have to fill out a short form on our website and you are ready to go... you can already access discounts while purchasing on our website using the email address you give in your subscription. Later, when you go to the cinema you can ask for your card to have discounts and prizes also at the ticket offices. Click on this link: Join-in Form.



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